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Marine Biology The world is full of wonders, epically in the ocean and marine biologist plan on discovering the unknown. "The world’s finest wilderness lies beneath the waves …” This quote was said by Wyland, Marine Life Artist. Marine Biology is a needed job in this world. Marine biology studies marine organisms, their behaviors, and interactions with the marine environment. The ocean provides food, water, medicines, and materials. 70 percent of protein we consume is from the water from the ocean. Marine biology is important because the oceans are important to us, so we need to know more about it. To survive we need marine biologist. The…show more content…
The training required to become a marine biologist can vary depending on where you live and previous education. Many marine biologist have a strong background in engineering, mathematics, or computer science in addition to pursuing a natural sciences education. Students that are in biology programs mostly study biochemistry, cell biology, ecology, and evolution in addition to taking courses in physics, chemistry, calculus, and statistics. Some colleges and universities offer undergraduate degree programs in marine biology. They take courses surrounding marine and oceanography. There are no certification or licensure requirements for marine biologists and marine biologist must complete a bachelor's degree. “A good education is a foundation for an better future.” said by Elizabeth Warren. Education and requirements is something to pay attention to in any job force, but especially this…show more content…
Salaries of public school teachers are generally lower and the variation is great. Consulting firms start also in the 40s and above. The upper end is extremely variable but in universities, marine biologists' salaries usually correspond to the average for science professors. A full professor these days in a university is earning 85,000-120,000 and more for the academic year.” A marine biologist states after being asked what the salary is of a marine biologist. To earn more, it's requires more years, experience, and good attitude. So salary as a marine biologist is a good

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