Myths About Dubai Essay

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Myths about Dubai Something that dazzles always arose curiosity, be it a place, thing, or an invention. Such eagerness gives birth to unsettling rumors and opinions. Then there are people who just add spice and spread delusions for nothing. Tourists fall prey to their lies and deception and create a different picture of the concerned thing. Dubai is one just fine example that has been luring visitors with its array of awe-inspiring sights, geographical conditions, economy, development, and customs and traditions. Here are the most common circulating myths about Dubai you must be aware of. Clothes When we talk about Dubai,we conjure up lots of things from the rumors doing the rounds. One of the common thing that we get to hear about the city is that men and women have to be covered completely. While traditional dresses like 'burqah' and thawb are common, the citizens are allowed to wear western outfits as well. However, when a visiting a mosque, they have to cover their heads. For visitors, there is no strict rules about clothing. You can see women in bikinis on beaches and men in long shorts.…show more content…
In fact, many things here can be enjoyed without even spending a penny. There are public parks and beaches free whether you are a working class or a billionaire. The roadside restaurants and hotels are affordable too and you can order any food you might have heard or seen. You can also find champagne cheaper here than your home town. Besides food and drinks, electronics and gold are definitely cheaper when you compare the price and currency conversion with yours. Most of the Asian countries tourists visit Dubai with an intention of brining electronics products and gold bar. Even after paying the import duty, the cost is cheaper than the prevailing price back at their home city. Moreover, traveling in taxis and the full air-conditioned Dubai Metro is

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