True Diary Of A Part Time Indian Analysis

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Journal #1 - Identity In the book, The True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, it talks about an Indian fourteen year old boy named Arnold Spirit Jr. and what his life was like when he made the most significant decision in his life, leaving his Spokane reservation. Throughout the book, he had struggled in finding his identity. Though, there are things that he does identify himself with. On page 4, “And if you’re fourteen years old, like me, and you’re still stuttering and lisping, then you become the biggest retard in the world.” That quote is what Arnold thinks about himself, a retard. This shows how he doesn’t think highly about himself and thinks that he is not going to succeed. I could connect with this quote because I also think lowly of myself. And, I know everyone has at least one thing that they don’t like about themselves.…show more content…
On page 5, “I draw all the time.” “But when you draw a picture, everybody can understand it.” This shows that Arnold really enjoys drawing and think that drawing is like a story that everyone can understand it. He can identify himself with drawing. My connection with this quote is that I also enjoy drawing. When I draw, I am like in my own world where I can just “escape” from everything around me. On page 40, a character named Mr.P said this to Arnold, “You’re the smartest kid in school. And I don’t want you to fail. I don’t want you to fade away. You deserve better.” This shows how there are other people or at least another person that cares about Arnold and doesn’t think he is a loser. Mr. P sees that he has potential and wants him to succeed. Usually, people see the good qualities in you that you don’t even notice. Those are the three examples of how Arnold deals with his identity with the good, and the
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