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First Political Style in “Harry Potter” Tony Kraus POLI:1300:0AAA October 6, 2015 Fascism is very prevalent in the the world that J.K. Rowling creates in the Harry Potter series. The main views that support the Fascist ideology in the book is about muggles and the superiority of the wizards that is expressed throughout the book by a lot of the elites that are presented. The Malfoy family is a good example of an elite family in that have views supporting wizarding superiority. This is shown in the first book when Draco talks to Harry when he first arrives at Hogwarts. He tells Harry how he is hanging out with the wrong people, implying that he and his friends are the right people to hang out with. Throughout the series Draco continues to insult…show more content…
He had a lot of charm and was able to easily get people to help him with a lot of things. This is demonstrated in his early life quite a bit. He was extremely intelligent and able to change his mood in an instant in able to convince others to give him what he wanted. As a child he would use cruel magic on the other muggle children in his orphanage to make them afraid of him. (Rowling, Half-Blood Prince, 223) He used fear to control others. He was intelligent enough to know that he could there were people that he could not use this on, like Dumbledore. He was polite and nice to Dumbledore to gain his trust. He had mastered the ability to convince others of his good intentions. This is accepted to be pretty essential to the achievement of power. At Hogwarts he used this to his advantage frequently. He convinced an old woman named Hepzibah Smith to show him Hufflepuff’s cup in order for him to create a Horcrux. Before this, he was able to convince Horace Slughorn to provide him with the knowledge necessary to know how to create Horcruxes. As he grew older and he would gain followers through mainly fear. He would play on this and kill anyone who disagreed with him. His followers were afraid to even think about disagreeing with him due to the fact that, through Legilimency, he could tell what they were

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