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In the beginning of the 1830’s, about 125,ooo thousand native americans lived on millions of acres of land in the southeast. They were leaving in peace until the federal government of the United States forced the native americans to leave their land and go west. The main purpose of this is so that the federal government could grow cotton. Native americans walked thousands of miles to a specially sacred land called the “Indian Territory” across the mississippi river. This ungrateful journey is known as the “Trail of Tears.” The trail of tears is an example of discrimination because white american settlers thought native americans were aliens taking over the land of the southeast. President George Washington believed that the smart way to end…show more content…
As early as 1831, the army pushed the choctaws off their territory to march toward oklahoma. As whites invaded the native americans homeland, many of them had no other choice but to sign treaties exchanging land for land in the west. Under the treaties, native americans would be moved to an area that covers parts of what is now Oklahoma, and parts of Nebraska and Kansas. This area came to be called the Indian Territory. The displacement of native americans was not wanting for eloquent opposition. Senators Daniel Webster and Henry Clay spoke to the government of the removal of indians. Forced to march in harsh weather, many native americans grew weak and ill. One fourth of native americans died .They marched without adequate clothing, less food and tools which made the journey more suffering. The native americans were also held at gunpoint when on the trail . An estimated 4000 thousand native americans perished on this brutal four thousand mile trail. This long harsh journey became a cultural memory as the trail where many native tribes mourned for their lost ones. Today this unforgettable journey is widely remembered to native americans as the Trail of

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