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The trail of tears started in 1838-1839 during the presidency of Andrew Jackson. President Andrew Jackson ordered for Cherokee Indians to leave their land by creating the Indian Removal Act. The Cherokee Indians refused to leave their land therefore President Andrew Jackson sent U.S. troops that forced men, woman, and children to march east of Mississippi to west of Mississippi; sadly thousands of Cherokee Indians died on the path known as the Trails of Tears. They died of hunger, coldness, disease, and many other deadly things. This could be one of the most tragic things the Cherokees could have suffered. This terrible walk was from Georgia to Oklahoma around nine hundred miles this poor Cherokees had to walk. The Supreme Court had been in…show more content…
Before the trail of tears, the Cherokees tribes were the largest winning the others by 25,000 people in the tribe. They even covered the lands that were from west of the Mississippi River to east of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The good thing about this tribe is that women had equal rights just as the men did. They also had the same responsibilities as the men had but somewhat different. Almost all of them lived near the riverside, their houses were made with wood and they used mud to strengthen all the wood together. They had seven clans that were known as the bird, the wolf, the paint, the deer, the long hair, the blue, and the potato. They had both a peace chief and a war chief that they used to govern during peaceful and war like situations. The Cherokees also had a specific council house that was used to hold tribal meetings and some ceremonies. They also used some weapons that were introduced by Europeans which were used for hunting food and…show more content…
With a huge white population and the Louisiana Purchase, the whites were on control of the large areas of fertile lands that were home to the Native Indian Tribes for centuries. The trail of tears is to be known as the most tragic and sad event that occurred in the American history. The Cherokees tribes called it the Nunna dual Isunyi or “the trail where we cried”. I believe that President Andrew Jackson could’ve done something else to solve his problem but instead he issued the Indian removal act which ended up in to the trail of tears. This act was one of the worst things President Andrew Jackson did during his presidency. Many think it must have been the only thing that he could’ve done. I put myself on the Cherokees shoes and think what would I do if I was there? What could have I done to stop this act to cause so many loses to the Cherokee tribe? I can’t really compare what Andrew Jackson did to the Cherokee Indians because I know that the U.S. has done things similar, but I would sometimes wonder was it really necessary for the Cherokees to go through something so tragic which made them lose so many loved ones? I would have tried something to stop it because just like us Cherokee Indians are also human beings. They also breath in and out air, they hunt and kill to survive, they sleep and wake up every day; but still President Andrew Jackson didn’t really care what they were to

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