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Historical Trauma Among Indigenous populations -- A Holistic Approach to Diagnostic and Treatment: Throughout history, the American Indians were the victims of insatiable injustices. This includes the forced relocation, Assimilation, and genocide of the indian tribes. This has caused many issues in the relationships between the United States government and the indian peoples. As a side effect, this has also caused many psychological issues and substance abuse problems known as Historical Trauma. Historical Trauma is a very severe psychological illness among the indian peoples but is not represented in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual; therefore, for the purpose of treating this severe mental illness, Historical Trauma Should be included in the DSM. 1. What is Historical Trauma The question that many will ask is: what is Historical Trauma? According to the Paper: Understanding and Healing Historical Trauma written by Lisa Grayshield, “Historical trauma is defined as an unresolved trauma resulting in grief that continues to impact the lives of survivors and subsequent generations” (Greyshield, et al. 296). To my own knowledge, the symptoms of HT includes…show more content…
(302)” This is definitely a reason that HT should be able to be treated in a proper way. Discord causes unhappiness within the masses which doesn't help the progress of healing HT. There are two aforementioned ways to help this issue. First and foremost is the process of instilling a positive lifestyle and positive self view in the people who need it the most. This will increase the quality of life for the individuals with moderate to severe symptoms. The second is peer mentoring and forming positive relationships with peers and fellow members of tribal communities. Peer mentoring and support is a common way of helping to alleviate symptoms and have the ability to increase self

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