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The Trial of Tears is one of the darkest times in American history. Native Americans were forced off their land to make room for the incoming and expanding settlers from Europe. A law enacted by President Jackson in 1830 forced the seizure of Native American land through the signing of treaties, overturning their native land to the United States government. With the United States expansion being glorified in American history, the means by which the expansion took place are often overlooked. The Cherokee Nation’s removal is a prime example of how the United States government used laws to confiscate Native American land. President Jackson, known for being an “Indian Fighter” famous from the Battle of New Orleans, focused on removing Indians from their lands to west of the Mississippi and later led the passing the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Cherokee Nation lands were protected by the Treaty of Hopewell, which identified boarders and kept the Cherokee Nation completely sovereign from the United States government. During Georgia’s expansion the Cherokee’s treaty was taken to the Supreme Court in an attempt to remove the Nation…show more content…
All five of the “Civilized Tribes” made the journey some easier than others but all forced through law to sign treaties giving the Native American land to the United States government. Many of the treaties were signed by only a few individuals in hopes of making the transition easier with promises of aid, food, and money, but impacted thousands when the government failed to carry out proper aid, often running out of food and transportation means. The entire process of the Indian Removal Act was a process of legal technicalities used to eradicate the Native Americans in order to further develop and establish the growing United

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