Torture And Interrogation

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Futuristic methods of tracking, investigation, and spying are constantly being created and information gathering continues to evolve. With such forward thinking technological advancement, it is almost jarring to see torture stand next to our other efforts. Torture is the world’s most primitive and vile method of information gathering, and it has gone on without proper attention for much too long. Nationally, torture efforts continue to be almost entirely unchecked and, even when reviewed, aren’t seen severely enough in the eyes of the public. Torture can be defined as the use of severe pain (physical or mental) as a means of punishment or information extraction. Speaking just with respect to the United States’ torture protocol,…show more content…
1). Those who were made the subjects of the interrogation techniques were often done so immediately after being put into the CIA’s custody. And on top of that, some of the detainees who gave significant accurate information to the CIA had done so before their interrogation had even taken place. The problem with torture as a concept is that even if you were to tell your captors the truth the first time how would they be able to tell that you weren’t lying to them. Also, if you genuinely had no knowledge of anything they were talking about, how could they ever confirm that? What was often the case in those situations is that the detainee would be tortured until they produced the information that was wanted. Often times this information was a lie the detainee told out of sheer desperation and had absolutely no basis in truth what so ever. The interrogations were so violent and infamous that they also hurt our diplomatic abilities. ”The CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program created tensions with US partners and allies, leading to formal demarches to the United States, and damaging and complicating…show more content…
People refuse to care for the safe upkeep of prisoners foreign to their country yet are outraged when it happens to one of their citizens abroad. Furthermore, the use of the primitive methods is caustic to every diplomatic relationship we have. The United States went from being a forerunner in the keeping of international prisoners to being completely disregarded from the running at all. On top of this it’s expensive; the keeping of a detention facility is in the hundreds of millions, not including bribes to countries the facilities are housed in. With all this stacked against the idea, you would think that the interrogations would be effective, but even that’s not true. It’s pathetic. If we aren’t making relations better, helping the human race, saving money, or getting reliable information, what the hell are we doing? Citations: Quiroga, J. (2005). Politically-motivated torture and its survivors. Rehabilitaion and Research Centre for Torture Victims Feinstein, D. (2014). The senate intelligence committee report on torture: committee study of the central intelligence agency's detention and interrogation

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