Examples Of Ethical Issues In Medical Torture

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I. Identification: The main ethical issue presented in the case of “Medical Torture” is, assigned article is, “What should Fergus do?” Fergus Jackson faces a serious ethical issue which many military service men and women may face at some point during the duration of their service. Fergus must decide if he will take Colonel McDonald’s offer to work with an intelligence unit responsible for interrogating captured hostiles or instead continue to support wounded troops in Iraq. Fergus Jackson is a devoted patriot who believes that every citizen should serve his or her country, but is equally devoted to the principles governing his profession. While assisting intelligence units in the interrogation of captured hostiles would assist the military personnel in the field and this country, however, torture violates the Hippocratic Oath which Fergus took “to do no harm”. Fergus, however, must evaluate the other side of the coin. In 2006, the Red Cross published a report which showed that medical personnel were present to monitor the vitals of the enemy combatant and ensure his survival. His medical knowledge could protect the lives of these enemy combatants while also feeding information to the men and women in the field. The moral dilemma is found in the use of medical professionals in torture.…show more content…
These additional issues will be identified and explored in the following paragraphs. Is it right to torture enemy combatants? According to the Case, the torture of enemy combatants the Military Commissions Act of 2006 makes the detention and torture of enemy combatants legal in the eyes of the federal government. the Military Commissions Act of 2006 just in torturing enemy combatants to gain

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