Three Monotheistic Religions

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There are three monotheistic religions. The three monotheistic religions are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. All of these religions are very important. These three religions have many similarities, but they also have many differences. These three religions have many similarities. Unlike the Greek religion, the three of these religions only believe in one God. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all believe in the same God. They believed that there was one central God. He was the creater of it all. They believed that worship was crucial for the faith. All of these religions believe that it is their duty to pray, worship, and act holy. They all thought that Jerusliah was the holy land. Each of these religions think that they are the ones who have the absolute truth and every other religion is wrong. There is no compromise to say that part of one is wrong and part of one is right. These religions have different parts to each of them and this is what makes them different from each other.…show more content…
Christianity is the most commonly followed religion. Christianity has two billion followers. Christianity is based off of the Bible. This Bible contains the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. Christians come to worship in a Church. The Christians worship normally on Sunday mornings. Christianity was founded in the 1st century CE. Christians believed Jesus was the son of God. They believed that he was the Messiah. In this religion he is to have been born into this world from virgin Mary. Christians believed that Jesus died on the cross to sacrifice himself for his people. They believe that Jesus is coming back. Christians belive that if they participate in a good life then they will go to an eternal Hevaven. If the praticipated in a bad life then they would go to an enternal
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