Judaism Vs Christianity Essay

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Judaism is the oldest religion. Thanks to Judaism most of today’s religions are monotheistic. 14 million people today are Jewish. Judaism celebrates the past, present and hope for the future. Christianity is created and based around the teachings of Jesus. Though Christianity started a long time ago as a branch of Judaism, it is the most influential religion out there. Christianity is very common and can be found in every corner of the world. Judaism and Christianity however, have plenty of similarities they both follow the 10 Commandments, they both believe in Heaven and Hell, and both have their Holy City as Jerusalem. Judaism and Christianity follow the 10 Commandments. 1) You shall have no other gods. 2) You shall not make idols. 3) You…show more content…
The Christians believe that your soul starts out light and happy and floats up toward Heaven, however at the end of your life, if your soul is heavy and evil it sinks down into Hell. The Christians emphasize Heaven and how it should be your goal to get to Heaven by following the 10 Commandments. Jewish people do not necessarily believe in Hell, but they believe in Olam Ha Ba, which means “the world to come” that is where the Jews believe you go once you die. They also believe in Gehinnom or Gehenna; those who die in sin may suffer temporary punishment Gehinnom or Gehenna is their form of Hell. While Christians think her is no crossover between Heaven and Hell, and punishment is eternal there. However Jews and Christians do believe in heaven as an actual place. Jews and Christians believe in God. Jews sometimes refer to God as Yahweh. The fact that these two religions believe in a God means that they are monotheistic. There are many religions like these two that only believe in one god. Greeks and Hindus are polytheistic, and believe in many gods. These religions believe on Heaven and Hell also. Both think Heaven and Hell are actual places. They both believe that once you die, you either go to Heaven or Hell. Jews and Christians believe in order to pursue salvation, one must rely on praying, faith, and the grace of

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