Differences: The Similarities Between Catholicism And Mormon Religions

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Religion has been practiced throughout human history. Many believe that there is some omnipotent being, a creator that has given us rules to live by to attain eternal life. While others don’t believe in one at all rather it’s something humans have invented to give them some comfort that this life isn’t the end. Is there a right or correct religion to live by? For many years theologians have argued this very point. Religion defined, is simply the belief in a God. So why are there so many religions? I’ll look at two very different religions, Catholicism and the Mormon religions. Hinman (2013) states “that religion tells us how to act” (pg. 57). One central theme in religion is that they know “Gods will which is relayed to them in sacred texts but which one is right” (Hinman, pg. 77)? To the believer “the answer is clear but to outsiders there isn’t one significant religion that seems to have greater access to Gods genuine commands than any other” (Hinman, pg. 77).…show more content…
They are both monotheistic religions. While they both believe in an afterlife, Catholics believe that a “person only need confess their sins before death to be forgiven to enter heaven” (Bennett, 2010). Conversely, Mormons believe that “people must be baptized and take the sacrament to be saved and able to enter into the afterlife” (Mormonism, 2015). That is one reason why they have what is called “a baptism for the dead and if a person performs one for a family member it is considered a proxy baptism that the soul in the afterlife is free to accept or reject” (Mormonism,

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