Thoreau's View On Civil Disobedience

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When a law is unjust and a person wants their rights to be heard, and those rights are not being heard with simple protesting its time for some disobedience. There was a philosopher known as Henry David Thoreau, and he was a strong believer in Civil Disobedience. Thoreau actually put into practice his beliefs of civil disobedience when the United States went to war with Mexico. “Following his own conscience, Thoreau asserts that the American government of his time does not merit his support because it is unjust in two respects. It is making war on Mexico, and it accepts the existence of slavery in the South.” For these reasons Thoreau didn't want to pay his poll tax and for this reason, in May 17, 1846, he spent a night in prison. Other people…show more content…
This group is fighting to change things that politicians do that have turned this country into a corrupt government. The movement states that the government cares more about the money that they can accumulate at any cost, even if the people are suffering because of it. This movement is in a way influenced by Thoreau because they are doing a kind of disobedience, although the disobedience the movement is doing is being called a political disobedience. They have showed sings of civil disobedience when the people protesting gathered at Zuccotti park although the police was trying to do everything in their power to get them out of there. The movement needed a permit to use electric bullhorns and in response to this they created the human microphone. This is where a person says something and everyone else around that person says whatever he said again. Although this movement isn't categorized as a civil disobedience,their has been occasions where some participants are arrested. Also, even if the movement and Thoreau’s disobedience are different the movements still has roots of what Thoreau believed it was right to disobey the government. Thoreau believes that the only time that on should break the law is when its unjust. Also Thoreau believed that the unjust law would fix itself but if it didn’t the only other way to fix it is to break the
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