Comparing Emerson And Thoreau's Analysis

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Many people have come up with their own ways and views of how we should live our lives. Even back in the nineteenth century many had views on how society should be and how government should be involved. Thoreau believed that we need to put our feelings and what we think is right over the laws of our countries. Emerson’s views aligns with Thoreau’s views by him saying we should think for ourselves and not to let others tell us what to do. In today’s world, we do not live like this. We mostly live by thinking for ourselves through protests, strikes, and riots. These ways are how we tell our government what we think is right and how they should change things. While Emerson says that to understand nature we must take ourselves away from society,…show more content…
Today, we have protests, strikes, and riots happening almost every day. People think that if they are not getting what they deserve they should stop working to protest or go on strike about it. They speak their minds and they do not let the government or anyone else tell them what to do during that time. Thoreau wanted people to be able to think for themselves and to speak out if you think is wrong. You should not have to conform to society to stand up. According to Thoreau, the author of Civil Disobedience, “The government is best which governs least” (‘Civil Disobedience’ p. 388). He believed that if the government kept getting involved in everyone’s lives that it will be nothing but a problem and it will slow down the accomplishment of work that everyone does. Emerson also believed that we should think with our own minds and we should not let society mold us into one shape. Emerson promotes self-reliance: “Society everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of every one of its members” (‘Self-Reliance’ p. 371). Just because we live in a world where everyone wants to be the same does not mean we have…show more content…
We are dependent on technology and other people. It does not matter where we are, we crave human relationships and reliance on technologies to help us with every day things. Cellphones, computers, and televisions are somethings people will not live without. We are made to be able to survive just off the land, but most people are too comfortable with our current commodities. Emerson says that if we want to understand nature we must take ourselves away from society and its distractions and criticism. If we do not, we will never be able to understand beauty and the spiritual qualities of the areas surrounding us. “The happiest man is he who learns from nature the lesson of worship” (‘Nature’) is what Emerson is trying to relay to us. Thoreau also wants us to live life as simple as we can. He wants us to not take the complicated paths in life and to flow with whatever live gives us. When explaining in his book Walden Thoreau states that “Our lives are frittered away by detail” (Walden p. 383). We focus took much on the little things when we should not worry about

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