The Leadership Of Odysseus In Homer's The Odyssey

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Throughout the novel, The Oddysey, the main character, Odysseus is faced with many difficult leadership decisions. To me it seemed as though he had successfully overcome some very rough times. But one key thing I noticed was the love for his family as well as his fellow soldiers, and how strong his bond was with them. It amazes me to know that there existed people like that in this world. Another thing that I noticed was the copious amount of perseverance that he showed in the face of peril. No matter how tough things had gotten, he always found a way to navigate his battalion through it whether it be against colossal giants or seductive sea creatures. For these reasons and many more, I believe that it is safe to say Odysseus possessed multiple strong leadership qualities that he displayed over the course of the epic poem. As the story develops, Odysseus is forced to face dangers even more perilous than the last, causing him to display his wit and courage. For example, when he is stuck with his troops inside of a cave with the giant, he outsmarts the giant by getting him intoxicated and successfully escapes at the expense of a few soldiers. At first, the author makes it seem like he really didn't care…show more content…
Upon arrival at the fork in the channel, Odysseus realized that if they chose the path without the monsters, the ship would be dismantled by the violent storm in the tributary. With this in mind, Odysseus bravely navigated the ship through the treacherous waterway and single-handedly conquered the incredible monsters along the way. By doing this, not only did Odysseus protect the sanctity of his own life, but the lives of his troops as well. For that reason, along with the aforementioned scenes of bravery displayed by Odysseus throughout the novel, it is hard not to agree that he was an intelligent and skilled

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