Thomas Jefferson's The Declaration Of Independence

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The Declaration of Independence was a well written document that held Thomas Jefferson as the primary writer. It wasn’t just written for someone to read it and then forget about it. Instead, it was held at a higher standard in a way. The document had its’ own purpose. Although Jefferson was the main writer, the committee tones down some of his language or rhetoric. Instead of Parliament taking the blame, George III takes it. The document focuses on mostly anger towards a visible scapegoat. They made it completely clear that overall they were seeking independence. Independence was what they were after and it seemed as though they would do almost anything to achieve it. When reading this well written document, the Declaration of Independence, you come across many complaints. The Sugar Act of 1764 reduced costs of other goods but colonists do not want to pay taxes. The colonists then go on to believe “taxation without representation.” The British made the decision to inflict taxes on the colonists. They achieved this but by not having any consent. Another part of the Sugar Act and a complaint was colonists smuggling goods with taxes on them so they would not have to pay. This only made the British more angry and they go on to arrest them. In a way, it seems as though they did not have many rights. It was influencing their lives in a…show more content…
It isn’t just about one certain thing, it uses several. Both Locke and Jefferson shared the same approach and they believed in the same things. For example, the concept of “liberty” is mentioned in both documents. The idea of the rights Americans have are discussed and they go more into the meaning of each of them. John Locke wanted people to be able to understand the rights just as much Jefferson did. It is could be recognized as a rough idea for what exactly the Declaration of Independence should be and how high of a standard it should be held
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