How Did Thomas Jefferson Influence The American Dream

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Thomas Jefferson "Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you."-Thomas Jefferson-. Thomas Jefferson was a president in the United States of America. He did a lot of things when he was president. The constitutions that he made favored a weak central government and opposed a formation of a national bank. And he favored paying off the national dept, Pro-agriculture and Against large standing armies and navies. He also believed that common men should hold political power, he is pro-french and Tended to be more diverse, including southern slaveholders, urban artisans, tradespeople, and commercial farmers.And I want introduce about Thomas Jefferson's Political, Economics and Socials.Political parts are Declaration…show more content…
Declaration of Independence eventually contributed American's happiness and safety by founding principles and organizing powers. And also he did Reduces taxes, Reduces size of federal bureaucracy, Reduces size of army, Allows Bank of United States to continue knowing expiration in 1811 and Marbury Madison. Jeffersonian America versed in Political theory, scientific farming, natural history, and architecture, Thomas Jefferson embodies the optimistic spirit of Enlightenment thought Jefferson believes in the "Improvabililty of the human race.", Jefferson and his followers belive it better to risk too much liberty than to suffer from too much government. Thomas Jefferson elected President at 1800, First peaceful's literally mean is "bloodless" transfer of power to another in history of U.S. and he said "We are all Republicans, we are al Fedaralists." Jefferson ultimately fuses idealism and pragmatism. First one was Devoted to republic, but expands executive power. Secon was Devoted to peace, but risks war. Third was Devoted to equality, but fails to end slavery and compels Native Americans to assimilate or more further West. And What is Extremely successful, those are first term, but "retires" to Minticello after what seems at time to be disastrous second…show more content…
Thomas Jefferson dispatches Meriwether Lewis and William Clark woth an expendition to search for river routes to the western ocean, to make contact with the Native Americans and together information about the region's natural resources and Thomas Jefferson sent them to west because Thomas Jefferson want them to pioneer west coast.And Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery Journey for 2 years and 4 months gathering valuable information and establish an American Presidence across the continent and they did Explore thousands of miles, Collect data on lands, people plants, animals, research pacific ocean and build relationship with the Native

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