Tornado Essay

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The first tornado of the day is trying to form, and we only see a vortex of dust. Many tornadoes begin in this manner. Dry fields can aid the chaser in finding forming tornadoes as dust will lift into a circulation alerting both chasers and spotters to impending trouble. Occasionally a tornado remains in this form and causes damage without a visible condensation funnel In this particular situation a condensation funnel never formed. On dry windy days considerable blowing dust may mask the formation stage of a tornado like this one. This storm complex continued to produced six tornadoes across northeast Texas. Fujita or Enhanced Fujita(EF) scale scale is a reference scale to characterize the tornado according to the magnitude of the destruction(Conserve…show more content…
Then, there is non-supercell tornadoes (Accuweather,2015). Supercell tornadoes are the dangerous type of tornadoes (Accuweather,2015). Tornadoes will destroy an acre in about an hour when the wind speed is around 80 mph (Accuweather,2015). An anvil cloud is often at the bottom of a tornado (Accuweather,2015). Then there is multiple vortex tornadoes (Conserve energy future,2015).A multiple vortex has two or more spinning columns of air (Conserve energy future,2015). There are landspout and waterspout tornadoes(Conserve energy future,2015). Waterspout tornadoes are formed over a water body, usually an ocean or sea(Conserve energy future,2015). A Gustnado is short-lived and lasts from few seconds to minutes(Conserve energy future,2015). Tornadoes are caused by the thunderstorms being extremely large, unstable and with wind shear in the lower region of the atmosphere(Conserve energy future,2015). Instability refers to the hot and humid conditions in the lower atmosphere and cooler conditions in the upper atmosphere(Conserve energy future,2015). Typical "wedge tornado" is straight on the sides not funnel shaped and has a wide damage
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