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Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson was the 3d president of the United States of America. He was one of the most important presidents. BEing one of the first presidents, he build this country by purchasing the Louisiana Territory. Jefferson was also fundamental in the creation of this country. He should be remembered as important to the United States, but why? Thomas Jefferson’s early years weer not as interesting as the rest of his life. He was born on April 13, 1743 in what is modern day Albernale County, Virginia. His father, Peter Jefferson, who was a land survey and his mother, Jane Randolph, stayed at home. He also had three brothers and six sisters which we know not that much information about. We also don’t know much about his religious…show more content…
He married Martha Wayleskelton on January 1st, 1772. Late, they has six children! Jefferson was very important during the Revolutionary War. He was the one who wrote the Declaration of Independence, which set the United States apart from British rule. He was also à key member of the continental congress during the same time. Due to a writer he did not serve in the military. Before writing the Declaration, he was the state legislature in Virginia in 1769. At the time of George Washington’s presidency, Jefferson was the first secretary of state. In Adams’ cabinet, he served as the Vice President of the United States. Thomas Jefferson was crucial in the making of our beloved…show more content…
Servering between 1801 and 1809, the 3rd president, Thomas Jefferson, had exciting terms. During his time, Russia joins the war fighting against Germany. The Ireland revolution start in 1803. Also, the Tripoli states declared war on the United States. Jefferson is often remembered for better things. With his vice president, Aaron Burr, and the congress, he purchased the Louisiana Territory. This is the biggest amount of land Congress has ever purchased. Many people saying it was unconstitutional, but it almost doubled the land of the United States. After buying it, he wanted to explore it, so he organized the Lewis and Clark expedition. Which sent groups all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Overall, Thomas Jefferson’s two terms were filled excitement from

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