What Is The Importance Of Legislation Related To The Declaration Of Independence

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colonies. The French were guaranteed their Catholic religion and they were also permitted to retain many of their old customs and institutions. 14. Common Sense: In 1776 came the publication of Common Sense, one of the most influential pamphlets ever written. Its author was the radical Thomas Paine and his purpose was that nowhere in the physical universe did the smaller heavenly body control the larger one. The "Common sense" written by Thomas Paine was important because it strongly worded call for independence from Great Britain. 15. Declaration of Independence: After some debate and amendment, the Declaration of Independence was formally approved by the congress on July 4, 1776. The formal Declaration of Independence cleared the air as…show more content…
In addition, they granted generous boundaries, stretching majestically to the Mississippi on the west, to the Great Lakes on the north, and to Spanish Florida on the south. Treaty of Paris 1783, ended the American revolution and Britain acknowledged America as an independent country. 17. Republican Motherhood: The idea of “republican motherhood” took root, elevating women to a newly prestigious rule as the special keepers of the nation’s conscience. Educational opportunities for women expanded and republican women now bore crucial responsibility for the survival of the nation. The Republican Motherhood significance was that mother should encourage her son's civic interest and participation. 18. Articles of Confederation: Thirteen independent states were linked together for joint nation action in dealing with common problems, such as foreign affairs. There were no executive branch and the vital judicial arm was left almost exclusively to the states. The articles of Confederation were the first "constitution" and yet the Articles of Confederation, weak though they were, proved to be a landmark in

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