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“Okonkwo’s first son, Nwoye, was then twelve years old but was already causing his father great anxiety for his incipient laziness. At any rate, that was how it looked to his father, and he sought to correct him by constant nagging and beating.” Pg. 13 Thematic Idea: Tolerance vs. Intolerance Situation: Because Nwoye isn’t as hardworking as his father, Okonkwo sees this as laziness and a trait of his father, Unoka. In truth, Okonkwo is a strong man who can work long hours without feeling tired, but his family just isn’t as strong. Theme Statement: High expectations shouldn’t be expected out of everyone. Every person is different, there qualities should also be respected.…show more content…
Change Situation: After his seven year exile, Okonkwo returns to his village to find that everything has changed. There is a new government ruling over the people with new rules. A new religion has led many away from the religion of their fathers. With all this commotion, nobody notices the return of Okonkwo as he had hoped they would. Theme Statement: Anything new and interesting overshadows the old. People like to conform to change while other cling to the old and expect everyone to follow. Idea Support: Unlike most of his fellow clansmen, Okonkwo likes to stick to the old and traditional ways. When a new religion comes to convert his people, he is shocked to see people convert. “A sudden fury rose within him and he felt a strong desire to take up his machete, go to the church and wipe out the entire vile and miscreant gang” (152) when his own son disgraces him to join the Christians. Upon his return to his village, Okonkwo refuses to conform to the changes. He refuses to convert and leave his old religion. A new religion is not all that torments Okonkwo, he is angry at the new government that is now controlling Umofia. The new government rejects there old traditions like how “twins were put in earthenware pots and thrown away in the forest” (61, 62). In the end, Okonkwo could not accept

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