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Steven Hoang Professor Stricker GEL 101 20 October 2014 Gatorade If an individual were to think of a drink that professional athletes use daily in their sports, what powerfully and dominantly comes to mind is Gatorade. It is such an advertised drink and so many well-known athletes support it. Even if it is not the healthiest drink out on the market, it is one of the more popular ones. It was created in 1965 and back then, the drink did not taste that well so the producers began to add more and more sugar to it in order for the drink to have some good taste. University of Florida assistant coach had concerns as to why a lot of his players had heat problems during games so he decided to turn to physicians in an attempt to find a solution. Two…show more content…
The message given is relatively obvious, and it is not so hidden. People do agree with the message that anything is possible and achievable through hard work. It is an insanely popular mentality to live by. Commercials like these are bottled with many famous athletes; people who are known for being the best in their sport. By having all of these idols in this commercial, Gatorade is promoting its ethos again, because it is saying that if these superior athletes drink it then so should those who want to become like them. Since it is showing all of the intense videos as well as the different types and bottles, they are using pathos and saying that if you want to be like the athletes and be rich and famous and the best in your sport then one needs to drink Gatorade in order to achieve that goal. We also hear very prominent background music. In this commercial the music is just a beat, but it works because it is something that crowds can cheer with at sporting events to get the fans excited and it is a rhythm that is methodical and easily remembered. When the beat coincides with the actions of the athletes it gives off an intensified feeling. Gatorade is expanding their range of sports enough so that they are not limiting their viewers. As stated before, the target audience is for kids, teens, and young adults. It makes sense that it is typically in that range because that is the age where athletes are starting to excel and begin their professional careers. The argument that Gatorade can help you accomplish your goals is relatively effective because it revitalizes your energy so that the individual can get back out there and achieve whatever goal that he or she has. People buy into that belief and it really has proven itself

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