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The fear of failure have made a great impact on Okonkwo's life. Not only does he stress out himself but he also to his kids to not become a failure. Thing Fall Apart shows many example of Okonkwo thoughts on the things that can effect his image. Okonkwo is very sensitive on people's thoughts about him. He starts to show it when he killed Ikemefuna. He was told not to be part of the killing of Ikemefuna but he disobey the order and kills Ikemefuma to prove to others and himself that he is not weak. In the village of Uformia, men were strong and brave people. If you weren't any of those then you were looked down at in the village, you were consider weak. Since Okonkwo is a very famous wrestler and a heroic image in the village, he is determined to keep that image until he died.…show more content…
Also, was a great debtor in the village. However, there was one thing about him that wasn't terrible and its that he is a musicians. Musicians had good social status in the village because drums were the heart of the village. However, when died he was very known for his debts and his image got a great affect on Okonkwo. For that, Okonkwo can't not image the idea of him being as low as his father. It the one fear of being a man in the village of Uformia, you would be disrespected as a man. Either builded back your reputation or be known as a failure. Although, there is another way, you can possibly build it through their sons. You're son is responsibility to carry out your name and if they succeed in that then you will be remember by the

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