How To Read Literature Like A Professor Essay

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HIn John Greens novel, Paper Towns, Margo Roth Spiegelman goes through the journey of her life at the end of her senior year of highschool. Margo does not take this journey completely on her own, but does drag along a couple of her close friends. Margo specifically leaves the love of her life, Quentin Jacobsen, and clues to her location, taking him on his own gruesome road trip. The almost highschool graduate, Q, takes an unforgettable quest easily relatable to chapter one of How To Read Literature Like A Professor by Thomas C. Foster. Quentin’s quest began on graduation day as he skipped out on his graduation ceremony in hopes of chasing down the girl he has loved since he was little. He was forced to leave on a twenty four hour road trip…show more content…
In the novel, Thomas C. Foster discusses how every quester faces several different challenges attempting to stop or postpone the journey. It’s the questers goal to surpass the challenges and continue on his voyage without giving up on what they are going for. Quentin’s number one obstacle that he faced was him almost crashing his van. For graduation, Quentin got a brand new minivan that he decided to take on this twenty four hour journey. Quentin’s good group of friends, with the addition of one of Margo’s close friends, all ditched graduation and joined Quentin on the big adventure. It was only because of their help and contributions that they got there in time to find Margo. The group was forced to drive all twenty four hours straight with very limited breaks because they could not afford to lose any of the time. They usually switched drivers every couple hours, but Quentin decided to stay a little longer on one of his shifts. Of course during this shift is the time that a cow approaches in the middle of the road leading Quentin to freak out and take his hands off the wheel accepting his and his friends fate of death. Ben, one of Quentin’s best friends, ends up taking the wheel and steering around the cow managing to save all of their lives. Several times after Ben mentioned, “that time in the minivan,

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