Cheryl Strayed Life: A Character Analysis

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Our Protagonist had many challenges in her life. Cheryl Strayed life was pretty difficult from her tellings in her book. I would like to show one of her biggest major issue. One biggest major issue was losing her mother. Her mother worked very hard for her little brother and older sister Karen and Cheryl, made sure they had somewhere to live and something to eat. They didn’t have much at all and with an alcoholic dad around made Cheryl even more frightening while her mother never regrets being with the father because she had three beloved children. Cheryl's’ mother was only 45 when she passed away from cancer due to early smoking when she was young,while Cheryl was 22, her mother gave birth to her at that age and now Cheryl at 22 seeing her mother slowly dying at the age of 45 “Not because we felt so alone in our grief, but we were so together in it, as if we were only one body instead of two.” I find this very harsh for Cheryl, she is losing her mother and from what she had connections and the love for her mom.…show more content…
Cheryl was really upset how she was too sick and it's only just a month since then. Cheryl was also hurt how Cheryl's mother donated her eyes and were not able to see Cheryl and little brother. Her mother always use to tell Cheryl that they are not poor because they were “Rich with love” always having a smile in front of her kids even though their houses weren't as nice and how the government supported her due to low income and Cheryl's mother working for 2 part time jobs. Three years after she passed away, Cheryl decided to go hike the PCT for her mother and do something with her life after the PCT 1,100 mile solo

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