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Topic: Women abuse 1.1 Background Women abuse affects the women in all ways and all kind of background. In the world that we live in there are many women who are being forced into sex, beaten or perhaps abused in her lifetime by a person called a man. At some other times, the women are being assaulted by people whom they don’t know, but most frequently they are hurt or abused by people who are close to them. Women abuse occur in all cultures and races, it has no partitions. We have buried a lot of women, of which their death resulted from women abuse issue, some women today have anger and can’t even raise their children properly, they are angry with everyone and some can’t even face the world. Women abuse causes an awful emotional and physical…show more content…
1.3 Hypothesis Men need to forgive themselves, respect a woman and know the importance of a woman; they must obey the rules and know that there is no world without a woman. 1.4 Method I am going to look at the issue of women abuse whether is it really the problem in the society that we live in. I will look at how it affects the women and whether can it be brought to an end by looking at what other authors say about this issue. I believe that there is no…show more content…
Arguments According to Reynolds and Schweitzer (1998:3) the definition of woman abuse is the intentional and systematic use of action to establish and maintain power and control over the thoughts, beliefs, and conduct of a woman through the inducement of fear and/or dependency. This definition shows that women abuse is something that can be stopped; it shows the weak point of men. Merely because men have more powers than women don’t necessarily mean that they must show them. There are many contributing factors which lead to woman abuse. These factors include misuse of powers, jealousy, difficulties in regulating anger and other strong emotions. According to Duane and Warren (1996:72) pornography is also a contributing factor. Women abuse has many effects which are unpleasant. It destroys many homes which were living happily and create fear in the homes. It also has an impact on the children, in a way that it may reduce their ability to function at school and may lead them to bully other children. Women abuse causes emotional and physical harm to women and has a serious impact on how they interact with the world around

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