Argumentative Essay On Abortion Rights

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Cynthia Morgan TOPIC and VIEWPOINTS Describe the controversial topic you have chosen: Abortion Rights Which viewpoint will you champion: Abortions should not be allowed What is the opposing viewpoint: Women should be free to do with their bodies as they please INTRODUCTION What is your attention-getter? Do you believe it’s a baby if it doesn’t have a heartbeat? Should we as people be allowed to get rid of an innocent baby? How will you connect with the audience? I will let them know that I am not down talking women that chose to get abortions, it is just my belief and I want to stress that there are so many other options out there. Transition statement: Abortions are a hard decision depending on each person’s beliefs. Do you…show more content…
There are also long-term effects, which are cancer, substance abuse, infertility, and depression Transition statement: Yes, there are risk to giving birth to a baby but at least you have the baby to show for it. Main point #2: There are facts about abortion that no one tells the mothers about. Supporting evidence for main point #2: Many women are coached in to abortions. They have been through something traumatizing, they are to young, or just not financially stable. Transition statement: You can’t always believe what abortion agencies tell you, they really only care about the money. Main Point #3: There are other options like adoption. Supporting evidence for main point #3: It is taken for granted on the morality on abortion that adoption is always available, with this at least that babies has a chance at life. Then there’s a chance you will get to know them once they are grown. Transition statement: With abortion, you will never get the chance to know the life you

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