The Role Of Monster In Pop Culture

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Monsters are abstract, sinister looking creatures bringing horror and insecurity in movies, and fictional stories. “Monsters", can be defined to be a reality or merely fragments of one's imagination. A monster can be subjective, always depending on what society deems to be monstrous. However, a monster does share a common characteristic, that they are the essence that bring fear and immorality to the innocent and unprepared victims of reality. They can be very real. Serial killers, rapists, and other violent criminals are typically given the label “monster” for their real world actions that harm and minimize of their prey. They show the darkest side of human nature. Pop culture has transformed many ideas that portray the others as they warp…show more content…
In contrast, people already have a false perception of what the monster supposed to be like and they base their fear on a wrong idea. In Beauty and the Beast, the beast is perceived as evil by the townspeople because he is a beast and he is supposed to be evil. The town tries to get rid of the Beast by killing it. The Beast was formerly known as a prince, but no one knows that because the monster's story is never told until the end. A monster’s image is created by society’s perception, whether it is positive or not. A similar situation would be the Shooting of Trayvon Martin, which the accused shooter, George Zimmerman, shot the teen in self defense leading up to Martin's death. The reaction to this case has split into two sides, in which many believe Zimmerman was racial profiling and because of that he open fired at an unarmed teen, while others say it was self defense. It is very interesting to see that even a couple years after Stephen Asma’s article, situations like this have become more life threatening, that you cannot tell which side is the monster. This should improve readers' perspectives about what makes a real monster. Is it the way someone looks like poor Trayvon Martin or Bruce Shapiro, or is it acts committed by Zimmerman or Daniel Silvia or even the community itself. Once again, it really is a matter of perspective by either

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