Happiness And Human Evils: The Definition Of Happiness

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The term happiness cannot be contained or explained through words. No word is right word to explain the essence of happiness. Happiness is a spiritual element that is far beyond human explanation. It is eternal and human inheritance. The word happiness cannot make you happy like the word water cannot quench. For someone who is thirst must drink water and quench the throat. And the same thing is true with happiness. Happiness is not something verbal or to be induced from outside. No money, power, fame, or other worldly materials can make you happy; if they make you, it is temporarily, for happiness emanates from within. Happiness has been the subject of debate and philosophical conflict among philosophers. It is a burning issue since human…show more content…
Efforts over efforts, but fruitless. Not only philosophers though their ideas are epidemic to humanity; even your life from morning to night is struggling wrongly to breath happiness. Sometimes you feel the insight of blessings and sometimes absolute boredom. However, this is byproduct of your actions-blessed and evil actions. Remember that you were not born evil; it is your action makes you evil. Just wonder about evils that prevail on the planet. All human evils are meant to achieve happiness, but wrongly. Very recently I have come to realize that the motive for murder, crime, theft, gossip, assassination, hatred, genocide and endless evil actions are all meant to be happy. This implies that how much humanity is ignorant about the path of happiness. As there is a path to evil, so shall there is a path to happiness, but it seems better said than done. It is easy to destroy a palace, but extremely difficult to build. The same thing is true with happiness. The path to evil is too easy, whereas the path to happiness is subtler and only few find it. I have read enormous books about happiness in particular and life in general, but none of them coined it vividly. They beat around the bush and take the long way to explain the bright part of life; it is vicious circle. Some of them took me far away and dropped me nowhere, while some had taken me far away and brought me where I was, no change at all; only wastage of time and energy. Still other books had provided me a certain formula to put life into a box, but eventually I have understood that life is infinite; only turtle lives in a box and some

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