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Ramdev Pir: The God Of Poor And Downtrodden Ramdev Pir is a Hindu deity duly worshipped in the Rajasthan, India. He is also known with the others names like Baba Ramdev Ji, Ramdeo Pir and Ramsha Pir. He was known to be existed in 1352 to 1385 AD and ruled the fourteenth century. As they say in mythological stories, Lord Ramdev Pir was lord of poor and downtrodden. He has done a lot to uplift the poor and suffering part of society, who had pain their life. The known part of Ramdev Ji is that he is worshipped by all religions in the Rajasthan, namely Hindu, Sikhs, and Muslims without any bias. Birth of Ramdev Pir Ji As the mythology depicts, Lord Ramdev Pir Ji was one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, who in Hindus is one amongst the three…show more content…
This communal reference comes from the book of Ramdev Ji, Meghwal Itihas, which tells that Baba Ramdev Ji was once the Meghwal (as confirmed by Gokuldas, religious leader of Meghwal Community). But, this only source is found Meghwal Community; according to other community and folktales, Baba was one from the Rajpoot Community, Tanwar. Iconology and beliefs of Baba Ramdev Ji Baba Ramdev Pir Ji is iconised sitting on horseback with sword and Chattra over his head. According to the stories and folktales, Baba Ramdev Ji was always there for the equality of humans, and he never believed in Rich and Poors. Strengthening his beliefs, he had always helped the poor and downtrodden to raise their life and live it happily. Baba Ramdev had also made no discrimination among Hindu and Muslims; that is why his worship has crossed the divide. One can even see many from other religions worshiping him too. His devotees can be spotted in the Indian regions including Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, Mumbai, Delhi, and even in Sindh, Pakistan. In fact, not only his worship but his fairs are also organised in

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