Themes In Fahrenheit 451

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Ray Bradbury is the author of Fahrenheit 451 a book that displays different reality for the society being spoken about in the novel. Throughout the story, Bradbury brings in several different themes as well as topics acquired with the main storyline as a way to open the eyes of the reader to a different type of society. One of these topics he portrays throughout the whole story is a minor character doesn’t need to play a large role in the novel to have a major impact on the outcome. A character doesn’t have to play a major part in something to make an immense difference in the outcome of the story, the mental presence of a character can at times play a more important part than their physical presence, and words spoken can have more of an impact on people after they have taken into account of the meaning behind the words being spoken are three points that go with this said topic. To begin, a character doesn’t have to play a major part in something to make a huge difference in the outcome of the story. For example, Clarisse only appeared a few times in the beginning of the novel and she was the only one that was openly trying to change people’s views of what the society was doing. “You laugh when I haven’t been…show more content…
This topic expresses the importance of people who have a small part doesn’t necessarily mean they will have a insufficient existence in the story as well. Bradbury expressed this in Fahrenheit 451 because it added an important detail in the novel as a way to open the reader’s eyes to the limited details around them and how those slight specifics could have a tremendous outcome in their
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