Examples Of Dystopia In Fahrenheit 451

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Ray Bradbury has created many science fiction novels. Most of his novels deal with not the brightest of futures. That is to say that most of his novels are of a dystopia. One of his books that is a dystopia is his book Fahrenheit 451. The novel focuses on a Fireman, Guy Montag, but he is not what one would think as a fireman. In this book firemen set fires instead of putting them out. They set fires to books, which are forbidden to read. This is definitely a dystopia since it shows at least two characteristics of a Dystopian Society. Those characteristic are that information, independent thought, and freedom are restricted. The second characteristic is that citizens live in a dehumanized state. In the society with in Fahrenheit 451…show more content…
That is to say that there are not things that are seen as human, such as morality. This is especially clear in their disregard for their health, (recklessness). Clarisse tells Montag that she does not like hanging out with other teens because they do extremely dangerous things. She says that they race cars and driver extremely fast; that she has known so many of them that have died. Also that no one cares about the deaths as long as they had insurance. The recklessness of the society is also seen in the scene when Millie, Montag’s wife, OD'd on sleeping pills. Motag comes home to find Millie lying lifeless in bed with a empty bottle of sleeping pills on the floor and like any sensible person he calls 911. Instead of a trip to the hospital they get two technicians. ONe pumps Mille’s stomach the other gives her a blood transfusion. Not only that for a OD were two technicians sent instead of a trip to the hospital if not even having a doctor sent but that the technicians say that this is a routine thing and that they have about nine of these calls a night. Another example of how the society is dehumanized is how Millie says she deals with any stress. She gets rid of stress and relaxes by driving the car really fast and hitting hiting animals, even dogs. The fact that anyone would be remotely ok with running over animals, especially a dog, is

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