What Are The Similarities Between Honeybees And Dolphins

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Abstract Though dolphins and honeybees belong to very different subgroups of animals, their social lives and behaviors have been a topic of interest for researchers. Three life processes have been studied in this paper comparing dolphins and honeybees; senses, respiratory system, and mating. Despite dolphins and honeybees being very different animals, there do exist similarities between them. Introduction Dolphins and honeybees belong to very different subgroups of animals. Both evolved from very old ancestors, and have adapted with various survival and reproductive features to sustain their existence. Although they have many clear differences, similarities in their social lives and behavior have been a popular topic of interest in research. Dolphins are vertebrate and belong to the class of eutherian mammals. They have cetaceans’ streamlined sleek bodies, which help them swim fast against water resistance. Although cetaceans are…show more content…
The warm air makes its way to the lungs through the trachea and then alveoli. From there it passes through capillaries and enters the blood stream to bind with hemoglobin, an oxygen carrier molecule. (Day, 2006) Hemoglobin also brings back carbon dioxide and waste to be expelled to the alveoli. This is similar to human’s respiratory function except that dolphins inhale and exhale much faster than humans and they have adaptations that are specific to cetaceans that enable them to stay in deep water for long intervals by adjusting the oxygen demand as they dive. Their lungs efficiently use about 80% of the oxygen they receive from inhalation. Their bodies slow down to allow oxygen supply to the vital organs. Also, the presence of a molecule called myoglobin, which is oxygen storage, helps with oxygen supply. (Day,

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