Comparison Of John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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What if you had the power to change a story’s ending; to change a certain character’s fate or to perhaps transform a sad ending to a happy, joyful ending? If I was in that case, I would change the ending of a rather famous novella, ‘Of Mice and Men’ by John Steinbeck. The novella is about two migrant workers George and Lennie, who are out and about looking for jobs at ranches in dreams of raising money to have their own ranch; though the ranch they go to this time, will change their lives forever. Even though I thought the story was empowering and full of meaningful as well as eloquent themes, I didn’t really enjoy the ending; I felt it was a bit abrupt. For my favorite character Lennie, was shot and killed by his now-former best friend, George; therefore I’m going to change the - in my opinion - disappointing ending. First of all, I will be explaining in detail why I didn’t really like the ending. For one, I disliked the ending Lennie got, more or so, his fate in the novella. Moreover, I disapproved of the ending because Lennie was a loveable character; I sympathized with him because George treated him in such an immoral way, he bossed him around and didn’t want Lennie to be himself. Additionally, I…show more content…
So before Lennie’s death, he and George have a meaningful conversation about the ranch they hope to own someday, throughout that conversation George makes Lennie feel happy and hopeful that after the murder of Curley’s wife things will get better one way or the other; thus it would be sudden and abrupt for him to die, so in my ending Lennie gets to live. Furthermore, George would give Lennie the money they had been saving up for the ranch, he would tell him to go have fun with his life and to never look back at the life he left behind. George would’ve given Lennie the happy ending he so rightfully deserved after all that’s happened to
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