The White Man's Burden

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Elizabeth Sin 11/19/14 Reaction to: The White Man’s Burden In the poem “The White Man’s Burden” by Ruby Kipling, the author writes about U. S. Imperialism and white supremacy. There are many things that I noticed about the way the poem was written and the type of perspective it portrays. The author displays a very ethnocentric and closed minded perspective of the White man’s view of how to run a society. Throughout the poem he uses repetition and repeats the phrases “take on the White Man’s Burden”, as a way to emphasize the importance of the colonization of the “white man” and their power, in contrast to the “non-whites.” The author uses various phrases that helps supports the significance if the poem and depict ethnocentrisms and white supremacy during this time period and event. The author warns the readers that they must “send your best sons to exile, to serve your captives need,” meaning those who are held captive need to serve their master’s needs because they owe them…show more content…
The whites’ view of their people and empire, as more superior and powerful in comparison to the rest and is convinced that their ways of how they run things is the one and only right way to do things and there shall be no one to stand in the way to stop it. There is racism in this poem because the author illustrates the “White Culture,” as people who are ethnocentric, controlling, and always unjust in what they do. He depicts a negative perspective towards them revealing their motives and flaws when in reality it maybe more than just the race. When it comes to power and control any race/ethnicity and become condescendingly egocentric and controlling. It is part of human nature to become selfish and pursue personal gains and attack thy enemies. However, it is up to that individual to choose whether or not to give into such instincts or act upon
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