The Black Man's Burden Analysis

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“King Leopold II may we please go to Congo to conqueror them and use them as slaves so they can produce goods for us,” asked a Belgian military soldier. The King of Belgium at the time was King Leopold II, answered by saying, “why yes! That would be such a great idea to spread imperialism around the world.” Imperialism was being spread by Western civilizations to foreign countries and they were bullying the foreign countries, because they were bigger and stronger than they were. The Western nations wanted to take over them by using their strength, but little did they know how much issues they were bringing upon the countries. The Black Man’s Burden is a document which discussed imperialism and how it has affected African nations, but more…show more content…
“And check the show of pride,” (Kipling page 1, Internet). This quote is telling the white people to show off their pride and their power, meaning that they had to take control of countries that weren’t imperialized. “The easy, ungrudged praise,” (Kipling page 2, Internet). This quote shows that white people don’t work for gratitude, but work to get things done that they want to be done. “Send forth the best ye breed,” (Kipling page 1, Internet). This quote shows that the white people should take over countries, because they are the best breed and should be the superior ones. Kipling is saying that the Africans are asking for the white people’s help, so the white people must help. The Black Man’s Burden is being written to Rudyard Kipling and the intended audience is to all the white people who think that imperialism is a good thing and something that should be done to take the burden off of a country that is undeveloped or for any other reason. “Indeed ... Africa has ultimately absorbed within itself every Caucasian...,” (Morel page 1, internet). This quote shows that the Africans survived through the roughest times that they faced by the Europeans who continued to invade their country. “In the process of imposing his political dominion over the…show more content…
At times, when a country imperialized another country, they turned their people into slaves so that they could put them through labor to produce the goods that they wanted. The country that was imperializing the other nation usually imperialized the country for something that their country had, such as resources that were used for trading. Also, something else that can be taken from or learned is that before making a decision a person should evaluate both perspectives. This document is valuable to understanding imperialism, because it shows how some countries such as Europe wanted to be imperialistic to foreign countries. European nations tried to imperialize as much nations as they could. This document allows a person to understand how important imperialism was to some countries and how some countries did not want to get involved with imperialism at all. It showed that the poem that was written by Kipling, called, The White Man’s Burden, was describing how white imperialists were taking over countries and how they took advantage of poor countries, and didn’t care if the country didn’t want to be overtaken. But The Black Man’s Burden is saying that there is no need to overtake a country that does not want to be overtaken. It is saying that other stronger countries should leave the countries that can’t do much and are weaker alone. Although many can

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