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The Horror of it All “The horror! The horror! The end has come!” The Congolese were treated horribly after it’s colonization by the Belgian. The horror of the “White Man’s Burden” showed the unequal ideas of caucasians. Africa’s resources are running low. The European power forced its way into African life to fulfill a dream. The horror of the European colonizers, was a negative impact on Africa. The Congolese were treated horribly after it’s colonization by the Belgian. The Congolese were treated horribly by King Leopold the II, Belgian King. For Example, King Leopold II enslaved the Congolese and were they forced to collect their resources for the king’s gain. Within the image it shows a native African being strangled by a snake body with King Leopold’s face(Source 1).This cartoon was used to be symbolic of how slick, dangerous, and deadly King Leopold was to the Congolese. The Congolese were in a horrible and dangerous position, put there by the Belgians. The Congolese were enslaved and if they did not cooperate they would have their hands removed. The Belgians were the ones to enforce this rule.…show more content…
The “White Man’s Burden” was a biased poem. It was written by a caucasian man for a caucasian society that was just getting out of a war between races. The poet strictly wants to get across that it is the white man’s burden to carry everyone else in the sentence “Take up the White Man’s burden”(Kipling). The poet repetitively uses the above quote and made sure that it was only the caucasian males job to educate any with color. The poet was a caucasian who showed people the horror of what caucasians were thinking. It showed that the caucasians wanted to be on top of everyone else and nobody of color could ever get over

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