Comparing 'If And' The White Man's Burden

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Kipling’s “If” and “The White Man’s Burden were both written in the 1890, 1895 and 1899 to be exact and were written in iambic pentameter. In these poems, the author is focusing on the mostly race and gender. He is focusing on race mostly because he “The White Man’s Burden” is sent to Theodore Roosevelt as a warning regarding the consequences of obtaining and sustaining an entire country (University). Kipling sent this to Theodore Roosevelt when the U.S. took over the Philippines after the Spanish-American War. This poem was sent to Roosevelt to tell him how to sustain a country successfully. The poem “If” is about things that a person does that prove that he is a man. The point of the poem is to show that the real meaning of a man is in his stoicism. Both…show more content…
The author chose this word specifically because it is meant in the future tense, meaning that if one wanted to do something he could do it “if” he had the will. In the first quatrain the author says that if one can keep his head while others have lost theirs, if one can trust himself when others doubt him, if one can be patient when being lied about and not lie himself, be hated and not hate himself. Then the author goes to the next quatrain and says that if one can follow his dreams, deals with both up and downs, keep calm when others lie about him, and take things that are broken and make them alive again, if he can just keep hope and move on. Then the author goes to the last quatrain where he says that if one does not become pretentious when talking to one in power, have control over his men and have them depend on him but not too much, then and only then he has everything on earth and he will be a man. This poem does an excellent job in stating all the aspects and characterizes that one has to have to truly be called a man, which are that he must be modest, persistent, honest, rational, trustworthy, reliable, and

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