European Imperialism In Africa

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By the beginning of the 16th century almost 200,000 Africans had been transported to Europe and islands in the Atlantic Ocean. This was only the start to the trouble in Africa was going to have. From 1500 and 1800 European traders did not enter Africa because of malaria. During this time it was all about slavery. Until Britain outlawed the slave trade in 1807 and then in 1833 slavery completely. This only sparked a new fire in Africa. By taking their minds off slavery and eventually Imperialism. Imperialisms is extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force. This leads us into the main reasons of Imperialisms. First Economic, then National Pride, and cultural superiority. Economic was the main reason for imperialisms in Africa. Africa had many natural resources that would bring a lot of money. Africa had many resources like cotton, which would be made in into fabrics and sold back to Africa, They had rubber that could make tires for transportation, and they had copper and gold which could be made to make coins and jewelry. As the imports grew so did the exports just millions of dollars more than imports. Great Britain alone had over 20 million due to exports. Out of 7 countries Great Britain had the most resources. They had colonized over 10 different African colonies. John Ruskin a…show more content…
So many countries all wanted to go to Africa for resources. This is why it is sometimes called the “Scramble for Africa”. Only one country really achieved in seizing colonies and gaining major exports which brought in money. That was Great Britain, they were one the first to seize colonies and it brought them a lot of money. By the time the British outlawed the transatlantic slave trade the British only had one colony in Africa and it was the cape colony located in southern Africa. By 1914 Great Britain had colonized over 10 colonies. They were on top. No other country had that many
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