The Tom's Family: A Short Story

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There was peace and harmony in our neighborhood, we enjoyed the silence in our area until a new family moved into the house next to The Simmons. They had come all the way from Illinois for their children's education and we had warmly welcomed them to our society. Mr. and Mrs. Toms, our new neighbors, had two children, the elder one Dave who was studying in 9th grade at Frankston High School, Texas and the younger one, Dan who was in 3rd grade at the same school. There was another troublesome member in The Tom’s Family and that is none other than Milo, a 5 years old Rottweiler which caused most of the trouble in our neighborhood. Milo was considered a nuisance in our lives as he created problems in our community. He would bark all night long making sure that no one in the society got a proper night's sleep. He never mingled with the other dogs and children were scared of him because of his fierce exterior appearance. Everyone mistook Milo. The Toms were good people but everyone kept distance from them so that they could avoid the problems with Milo. He was ignored by…show more content…
The others in the park had maintained a distance and stayed away from them. Not far off, Mrs. White had been sitting on a bench in the park along with my aunt, sharing stories of their married lives. The two ladies were so involved in their gossip that they failed to notice Mary, who managed to escape her stroller clutching to her doll and crawled out to play with the other children in the park. Mary had kept crawling until she had approached the road near the park and had noticed the balloon vendor across the road and was amused at the sight of so many colorful balloons. She had managed to get on the road without seeking anyone's attention. But, Milo who was playing with Dan, noticed Mary and realized the heat of the situation and was aware that little Mary had put herself into a dangerous
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