Solomon Northup's Twelve Years A Slave

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It was a long and hard struggle to end slavery. For years, slaves were beaten and mistreated, and were thought of as inferior to white people. Some slaves were lucky enough to achieve freedom, but some of them were not so fortunate. Solomon Northup, author of Twelve Years a Slave, was one of the lucky ones: his father was a free man, therefore Solomon was born free as well. But things changed when he was kidnapped and sold into slavery as an adult, and lived as a slave for twelve years. He wrote his memoir, Twelve Years a Slave, once he finally achieved freedom again. Comprehending the events causing Solomon to be unjustly sold into slavery and his subsequent fight for freedom, allows a clear interpretation of the evils of slavery and the profound effect his novel had on the world. Solomon Northup was born a free man in 1808. His father, who was born into slavery, became a free man after the death of his master, Henry Northup. When free, he took his master’s name and acquired a farm, where both Solomon and his brother Joseph were born (Fiske). He learned to play violin at a young age, and worked on a farm for most of his life. In 1828 he married Anne Hampton, and in 1834 they moved to Saratoga Springs, New York, with…show more content…
and filed charges against James Burch. But this failed, because African Americans were not permitted to testify against white men, so the case was dismissed (Fiske). That same year, an article titled “The Kidnapping Case” was published in the New York Times (McNamara). It told “the story of Northup’s plight and the thwarted attempt to seek justice” (McNamara). Soon after, Northup worked with an editor named David Wilson, and wrote his memoir, Twelve Years a Slave (McNamara). This memoir recounted all that he went through in the twelve years he was a slave: from being kidnapped, sold against his will, and finally obtaining freedom. His memoir captured the horror that was slavery

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