The Great Gatsby Comparative Essay

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Between the book, The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and the film remake of the book, also titled The Great Gatsby, directed by Baz Luhrmann, one is able to compare and contrast many aspects even in a short scene or passage. In the short scene in which Tom races Gatsby into New York City, while conversing with Jordan and Nick, similarities and differences can be found in the mood, dialogue, focus, and symbolism. In the juxtaposition of these two mediums, Tom’s reaction to his newly discovered realization directly impacts the mood of this short scene. In both mediums Nick listens in on Jordan and Tom’s conversation. After stating that he did “a small investigation” on Gatsby, Jordan indicates that all he could have found was his…show more content…
In the fifty two second movie clip, for the majority of the time, the camera stays at a wider angle, focusing on the two cars as they race down the road, avoiding obstacles along the way (The Great Gatsby). I think that the lack of dialogue gave Luhrmann the opportunity to be creative in this scene. Through the small amount of dialogue in the movie clip, the viewers are still able to get a rough idea of Tom’s panic and fury, but a lot is left out. We miss out on Jordan’s snobbish questions, including “Do you mean you’ve been to a medium,” and if you think so lowly of Gatsby, why in the world would you invite the man to lunch (Fitzgerald 122)? Tom’s replies to these questions show that even though Tom has had multiple affairs in their 5 years of marriage, in his mind it isn’t acceptable that Daisy do the same. To display this he states that all is Daisy’s doing, that “she knew him before marriage,” and only, “God knows where,” (Fitzgerald 122). By saying this, Tom may mean that he doesn’t have respect for her, and thinks that she doesn’t have the brains or heart to go out and see other people. Without this part of the conversation, viewers may not see the deeper meaning behind what Tom is

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