Essay On Authenticity In Rajasthan

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The analysis therefore establishes that authenticity cannot be found only in the materiality or in the solid existence of the landscapes and environment. It is difficult to establish the authenticity of a particular tourist experience. As time is constantly moving it is difficult to separate out what is authentic and thus, genuine and what can be labeled as fake. The question is of its usefulness. To go back to the original form is next to impossible. The present is fused with the past. The intermixing of the two thus, makes the task extremely difficult. However, deceiving the tourists is not the force behind such endeavors. Rather, it is a marketing technique to provide people what they want, a change from their mode of living. Authenticity can be therefore said to reside somewhere in the minds of visitors and the planners and organizers of such trips. Thus, Rajasthan is marketed as a royal traditional state because of its economic value to the tourism industry and the indigenous population. Locals of their own will are very strong and active agents of this representation of Rajasthan because of the economic benefits it is providing them. At risk however, is the loss of Rajasthan’s folklore, more, customs and practices. One’s culture and way of life shouldn’t become a business and a presentation to…show more content…
Accordingly then, they plan and bring out all such features designed around the consumers in their websites through a virtual representation of them. Such a representation then attracts the consumers who get sold to such websites. They not only give their consent to them but also take adequate steps towards materializing their desires by travelling to such destinations through website organizers who offer them attractive tour

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