The Three Main Causes Of The Great Depression

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Ulises Cerros Mr. Plata U.S. History: Period 1 7 February 2018 The Great Depression The Great Depression was one of the worst times in American. The Great Depression took place all over the U.S. during the 1930’s. I will be speaking to you today about the main causes of the Great Depression. Even though there was several factors that led to it, the three main causes were the stock market crashing, the installment plan, and Unemployment. The first main of the Great Depression wa the stock market crashing. The stock market crashed for many reasons, one of them being people were speculating. Many businessmen were looking to make quick profit and investing their money into stocks. The companies really had no true investors because everybody…show more content…
The installment plan was a way for Americans to be able to buy necessities they couldn’t afford as long as they promised to pay back the company. Many Americans during this time had very low wages and made little to nothing. They would put their home, car, or something of value in case they would not be able to pay off the debt, which many people were not able to. Most of the companies never received the money they were promised. Consumers were buying goods faster than their income rate (Doc 6). In 1929 60% of the aMerican population was considered poor and made just below 2,000 dollars annually. 2000 dollars was the minimum amount necessary for meeting the basic needs of a family in the U.S. As well in 1929 the wealthiest 5% of the population in the U.S. received 35% of the nations income (Doc…show more content…
So many companies lost so much money they had to lay off workers. When people don’t have jobs they have no money and no money to spend on any goods. The companies had nobody to sell their goods to. The money was not circulating because most Americans were left without jobs (Doc 3). During this time those men who did keep their jobs had to do the jobs of the other men who were laid off as well but still received the same weekly wage. A farm family with a working mother and father working at a mill, weekly they would make 22 dollars. To feed the family a week would take 16 dollars. Annually this family was making 1,185 dollars which is way below what a family needs to survive (2,000 dollars). This was with the mother making the children their cloth and her own. It included with her saving money as well (Doc 7). Many families when they had bought all they could buy they stop buying. Very little demand was being issued out to companies. Families stop buying whatever else they needed they bought in easy payments which would later affect them in a huge way with the interests companies applied (Doc 10). Many farmers were affected in great ways such as when the demand for product was high and they had little to offer. They would increase their production but then demand would be so low they had nobody to sell the product to. They had to lower their prices and the market value would

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