Franklin D Roosevelt Leadership Traits

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Not every leader is a prominent political figure or an achieved military general. A leader is an individual who exhibits leadership and directs a group of people. Leaders are strong-minded and have tough skin. They refuse to submit to peer pressure and follow the crowd. Undeterred by the thought of being disliked, leaders are not afraid to make the tough decisions that may be unpopular. A leader is very perspicacious and is able to think on his feet. Leaders are pioneers. They are not afraid to veer from the beaten path and blaze their own trail for others to follow. The great leaders in history had many characteristics in common. There are three main traits that every great leader harbours within themselves. The first is commitment. A great…show more content…
Roosevelt. Born into a distinguished New York family, Franklin grew up in a privileged environment. He was able to make frequent trips to Europe as a youth and even met President Grover Cleveland. After graduating from Harvard in 1903, Roosevelt began his political career by serving on the New York State Senate. Afterwhich, he ran for Vice President of the Democratic party but was unsuccessful. In addition, Roosevelt was diagnosed with polio in 1921. As a result of the disease, he was no longer able to use his legs. This did not stop him. Although hindered by polio, he became Governor of New York in 1928 and defeated Herbert Hoover to become the 32nd President of the United States. Roosevelt’s victory placed him in a difficult dilemma. He became President during the height of the Great Depression. However, rather than backing down from this challenge, he remained committed and had enough confidence in himself to make a difference. Along with the Depression, Roosevelt was also faced with America’s involvement in World War II. Yet through all of this, he managed to bring America out of the Depression and indirectly established America as an economical, political, and military power of the world. Franklin D. Roosevelt became a legend in American history. He is known as one of America’s greatest presidents and an inspiration to the American

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