John Dillinger's Life During The Great Depression

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The stock market crash was the beginning of the Great Depression and the cause of many people losing their jobs. During the Great Depression a profuse amount of people have to adjust to a different way of living than what they were used to ("Life During the Great Depression"). People in this time were living in such destitute that without the help of family and friends they would have nothing left (Davidson and Stoff 749). During the Depression people searched for jobs and were looking for a better life (749). Changes were made in the education of children. Parents and their children travailed to search for a new life (749). Parents and children who constantly moved around had to adapt to new people, communities and environment. The middle…show more content…
The crime rates seemed to be rising exponentially as well. A gangster named John Dillinger is an example of a famous American criminal (“John Dillinger”). His criminal career started when he stole a car because he was embittered because the father of the girl he loved didn’t approve of him. Scared that he would get caught he joined the navy (“John Dillinger”). Even though the law soon caught up to him because in 1924 he was put into jail for robbery and assault. He carries a map of places he could rob when he left prison (“John Dillinger”). He quickly found banks to rob, however, almost overnight he became a “Robin Hood.” The nation’s press conveyed him to be a luminous, courageous, amiable person, who has been robbing the banks who have been precluding the mortgages on defenseless debaters (“John Dillinger”). He robbed places in reprisal on the nation’s financial institution that were illegally abusing the economical concerns. He with his gang, the dIllinger Gang intimidated the midwest, killing several men and hurting many others, robbing banks, and police armory, and breaking out of jail while killing and wounding a few guards. They robbed many other banks, and things like different kinds of guns and bulletproof vests. As evidence clearly shows even though John Dillinger was a criminal he was a big inspiration to the United States which made more people want to be like him. A lot of crime started to happen and it only increase over the years because of criminals like Dillinger were described like heroes, and people wanted to be more like

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