Carthage: The Cause Of The First Punic War

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Carthage was once a powerful empire, which was actually the first great imperial opponent that went up against the Roman Empire. The Carthaginian Empire was also one of the few empires that could somewhat compared to the Roman Empire due to how they had organized their government. Also, the Carthaginian Empire was one of the biggest merchants when it came to trade and commercial supremacy. However, because of how big the Carthaginian Empire was, Rome eventually went to war with them, therefore causing the First Punic War. Carthage, one of the first great Imperial opponent of Rome was one of the few empires that was actually able to bring Rome to the brink of defeat. Though in the beginning Carthage had a more demure start. Carthage was originally founded as a colony of Tyre by Phoenicians only to become one of the greatest colonies. Eventually, it became one of the greatest commercial Empires on the northern coast of Africa. It was able to acquire this power by dominating native races of Africa, including the Lydians and the Numidians. Once it had established its dominance, the Carthaginian Empire was known as…show more content…
which was fought over who had possession of the island. Sicily was originally divided into three powers being Carthage in the West which included the important cities of Agrigentum on the South, Panormus on the North, and Lilybaeum on the extreme point. The southeastern part of Sicily was under the rule of the King of Syracuse who also ruled some of the neighboring towns. Finally, the Northeastern corner was in possession of the Campanian soldiers who were at one point soldiers from Syracuse but had taken over the city of Messana. The Campanian’s were mercenaries at this point who called themselves Mamertines, which means “Sons of Mars”. They murdered people and ravaged the surrounding coast. Due to this, the King of Syracuse attacked them for which the Mamertines lost and went to ask for help from

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