The Pros And Cons Of Digital Networking In Pakistan

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Digital networking is referred to communication that involves computer and internet. Network media is considered as a democratic media because the audience are the contributors. (Wikipedia) Cell phone is the most common form of media that is used almost everywhere in the world. It is now not only used for making calls, but also for other purpose like texting, taking Pictures, using internet and social networking websites. The usage of internet on mobile phones is very common in developed and developing countries. However it is observed in every part of the world that young people use it for more and more purpose. Since 2012 92% of Sweden had internet access while 87% has broadband connections. Almost 5 million people have Facebook accounts,…show more content…
However there are a lot of success has been seen for broadband and internet companies. Since 2013 2.54million are internet subscribers in Pakistan. This ratio is increasing day by day. Digital networking is almost similar in Pakistan in comparison with developed countries. Facebook is commonly used for a more personal level of networking. However business through Facebook also made it easier for the small retailers to start business. Almost every brand in Pakistan is giving people the facility of online shopping. WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype are used for easier contact with friends and families. Online business, online shopping, online education etc. are the most common types of usage all over the…show more content…
A strong economic can be maintained only if the country has creative people so it is needed that the government could build and maintain an atmosphere for creative people. It is creativity that derives economic growth today. In this creative age it is easily visible that Sweden has a very strong technological background. The focus of the creative industry is mainly towards technological innovations. Tolerant environment, government support, municipality units, peace and high level of education are the main reasons of strong creative industry in Sweden. On the other hand Pakistan as a developing country is facing a lot of problems in the creative age. Lack of support from the government is the major cause of lagging behind. In Pakistan creative industry is mostly relevant with traditional and cultural industry. Still innovations in technology are not much seen in market. War against terrorism and Talibanisation in neighbouring Afghanistan are also the major reason of slow development of creative industry. However the digital networking in both the countries is going on the same path. The interest of people towards digital networking is similar in both the developed and a developing country. Support of government, positive role of chamber of commerce, high level education and research and development institutes can help the developing country like Pakistan to build a strong position in global

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