How Did The Industrial Revolution Affect Early America

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The Industrial Revolution was a time of great change in early America. It spanned from the eighteenth century to the nineteenth century. In this period of time, great growth took place in America, especially in areas of economics, social classes, morals, and politics. Some for the better, some for the worse. The Industrial Revolution impacted early America's economy greatly. It made “luxury items” obtainable to a way wider denomination. It caused parts of the country to be responsible for different goods. Also, with the invention on the railway system, and the improvement of road conditions, transporting these goods became more and more easy. During this time, the owners of factories became increasingly more wealthy, as the worker's wages diminished. Due to a high unemployment rate, people would settle for any amount of money. The low wages given to the men, caused women and children to join the workforce just to keep their home. Women and children joining the workforce changed America socially, as well. As women and children were undereducated in the ways of the workforce, they were often exploited. This caused another social change in the country, a separation into classes between the rich and the poor. As the revolution carried on, the gap between these classes grew even wider. The rich, usually factory…show more content…
This led to, not only over population in cities, but a greater diversity in the people living there. With that said, people now had exposal to different opinions and beliefs. It uprooted family morals, now, all people in the home were expected to work and provide for the family, which is much different than how it was originally, when the man was the “bread winner” and the women and children stayed at home. Although the conditions were often harsh for them, the industrial revolution brought about the acknowledgement of women as capable

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